Enhance your visitors’ experience with Buoy by delivering relative and informative content directly to their smartphone or tablet.

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What is Buoy?

Buoy is our next generation micro location service, composed of a comprehensive software and hardware package.

What is a beacon?

A Bluetooth-enabled micro-location technology capable of delivering proximity-aware notifications, navigation and information to users.

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Benefits of Buoy

Promote your App and watch as your visitors are presented with a new and enriched experience as they move through your venue.

  • Send push notifications to the user’s phone
  • Provide visitors with information based on their location
  • Trigger alerts
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How to use Buoy

  • Place these small, wireless beacons in strategic locations such as the entry way, reception desk, behind or next to an installation, or at any point of interest.
  • Set the types of notifications and content within your Beacon Management System for each beacon you have placed.
  • The app picks up signals from beacons and delivers the right information at the right time.
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Add-on features

 Find-your-way map

Navigate your way through the venue with the “Find Your Way” map, pinpointing your location along with the artwork currently on view.

 Audio/video integration

Add Audio/Video capabilities to allow the visitor to learn even more information about selected works of art, directly from their own device.

 Ticketing system

With this ticketing system, the visitor will be able to purchase their admissions ticket directly from their smartphone or tablet.

 Scavenger hunt

This scavenger hunt is fun and interactive experience for children and adults. An excellent learning tool for educational tours.

 Rewards card & virtual coupons

Want to promote your venue along with your gift shop? Add the ability to present the visitor with rewards and mobile coupons each time they enter the building.

 Gift shop integration

By integrating your gift shop, the visitor will be able to purchase a souvenir print, poster or book from their device while standing in front of the real thing.

Have an idea for an additional feature? Custom functionality is available.

The possibilities are endless!

Combine Current and Buoy

Current and Buoy can be used separately, however, a combination of the two creates the ultimate user experience.

  • Take advantage of the benefits of both services by targeting people with and without phones
  • Tailor each screen and iBeacon from one central location
  • Place iBeacons behind screens and send targeted messages to customers as they walk by
  • Synchronized trigger alerts on digital displays and your app in real-time