Ted's Hot Dogs Downtown

A user should experience the same great web content and branding as they move from their computer, to their phone, and into a physical location. Already having developed the Ted’s Hot Dogs website, we were excited to have these digital menu boards come to life in their new downtown location. This display consists of four 60” commercial grade TVs, each including a mini-computer that power the displays. The content displayed on the menu boards is dynamic – having the ability to change based on time, location, season, etc. – and is all managed through their website’s Content Management System (the software that puts the content on the displays). Stop by Ted’s to see them in person, now in two locations – Downtown and Cheektowaga.

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Ted's Hot Dogs Cheektowaga

After the successful launch of Ted’s new Chippewa Street location in downtown, we were tasked to bring their second-newest location in Cheektowaga up-to-speed with customized digital menu board displays. The configuration for this location was a horizontal linear layout—rather than the stacked pairs at Chippewa. And we had five (5) instead of four. This offered us a new way of displaying content (such as a 5-screen footlong photo takeover).

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High-end personal training company TrainSmart needed a way to present their customers with promotional information regarding their services and special offers. A single menu board in their main studio now provides them with a way to dynamically promote their fitness, nutritional and life-styling messages in a visually compelling manner.