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Benefits of digital displays

Aside from attracting attention, our digital displays can reap many benefits in a wide-range of industries, including both customer-facing and employee-facing environments. We believe customers should experience the same great digital content and branding as they move from their computer, to their phone, and into a physical location. As for internal digital displays, keeping your employees connected is just as important as enhancing customer experiences.

The possibilities are endless!

Here are just a few ways our digital displays can make a positive impact on your industry:


Implementing digital menu boards in quick service restaurants, cafes or coffee shops can allow businesses to alter customer behavior at the point of sale and allow for huge up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Push specific products at peak times
  • Introduce new products to loyal customers
  • Manage and communicate different prices in different locations
  • Use video to really grab the customers’ attention


Digital signage helps to create effective and engaging in-store retail experiences. By implementing digital signage within stores, retailers can…

  • Deliver targeted messages to customers in real-time
  • Integrate iBeacon technology to create the ultimate customized experience
  • Help drive brand awareness, grow repeat buyers and leverage sales
  • Display multiple screens to entertain in-store customers or implement interactive signage outside to drive in-store traffic.

Studies suggests that this will help increase dwell time and satisfaction of the shopping experience.

Corporate / Workplace Communications

Ideal for deploying important communications across multiple sites, internal communications can minimize workflow and increase employee engagement.

  • Display relevant content at specific times during the day (meeting schedules, news, day-to-day reminders, etc.)
  • Maximize internal communications and productivity
  • Share messages, targets or incentives with employees
  • Tailor each screen to a specific audience or department from one central location


In addition to keeping patients updated, it is essential that staff members stay informed as well. The screens are also a brilliant tool to distract and decrease patient anxiety during lengthy wait times.

  • Entertain and inform patients about healthcare issues, wellness tips, etc.
  • Raise awareness, promote fundraising events
  • Wayfinding system for patients on complex hospital campuses
  • Product advertisement, eliminating the need (and cost) of printed brochures or posters


Digital displays are a powerful tool for any educational institution. Aside from informational purposes, the screens can be used to educate its audience (or specific audiences) all from a central location.

  • Display lunch menus, bus times, important deadlines or emergency messages
  • Integrate multiple screens across a large campus to help students and visitors navigate their way around


Digital signage can benefit banks and financial institutions by raising brand awareness through eye-catching, informative messaging.

  • Share important announcements such as rate changes in real-time
  • Deliver information about a brand, its products or its services

Feel free to to contact us if you’re interested in the possibilities of digital signage.